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This is the second Important Patch for Finishers Quest. I discovered another error at Finishers House in Bottom. There are supposed to be a few events that happen at this house. A couple of these were happening at the same time upon your first visit to the house. One of these events took you to a point way later in the game. So if you have gone to the house a found more than the Eric fight and your pet joining the party you will need to put in these new maps and restart or you are gonna miss much of the game. The event in the image here doesn't happen until late game, after the Lucille rescue. And there is one more in between event with Superman. If you haven't put in patch 1 you don't need it. Just put in this one, and it will include the previous fixes. This includes up to the shop where you buy weapons in R-Land. I am sorry for any trouble in your game... this will all be fixed soon. Thanks and enjoy. I will release more patches if or when needed.

Finishers Quest Patch 2

Thanks bro, in case your not a girl developer, ..heheh ..

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10hightech Author

You were waiting for the patch?...
spank on... lol

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Yea, for rpg maker user, you are really advanced boy, smart, ..and creative, ..back grounded, thanks ...

Watch out for Westworld series, i think, we are programmers of that, hmm...yea ...

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10hightech Author

Nah I had several points in the game where I wanted to make it look better and sound better, but I was limited, I didn't know how to do what I wanted to do. I figured out things in some cases and left it lacking in others. But I think it came out pretty well. Thank You

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