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Finisher is the ultimate warrior, but with self worth issues.This is a fighting Rpg and is really funny. Also it is an Erotic Novel. The game has an impressive 1100+ enemies. This game was made with Rpg Maker VX Ace Lite which is needed to fullscreen the game. I bought VX Ace earlier and it would not open the game. The game comes with its folders. If I have made anything you'd like in your own game, Use it, Everything I made ,I made to be enjoyed. There is however mp3s in the game that I bought as singles or in pack that you cannot reuse, or perhaps you can. I'm not to familiar with the terms. But I believe you need to support the artist. Finishers Quest starts in Greenville, which is your home. The first thing you do is a fight to save your girlfriend Jenna. The action takes off from their. You fight yoour way through Greenville.Battle your way through Bottom.Meet up with friends in Nomad.Explore RandomLand and make your way through the ship.Fight the Dragons in the Dragon Cave....

Finishers Quest
10hightech Author

Okay I'm sorry I have to do this here, I can't seem to edit anything.
Just unzip and play. No need to install.
To fullscreen the game either reset your Desktops screen resolution or the way I did it. Get Rpg Maker VX Ace Lite click File open anopen the game icon in VX Ace Lite. Click the Game tab at the top. Click Launch in Full
Screen. Click file again and save project. Then you can close the editor.
Now your game will launch in full screen without the editor.

You can use the editor to see things in the game if you want.You can view my boards, my battlers,characters, see whose scripts I used, see mmy tiletags... Anything I have is also free to be reused, ezcept the music.
People need to buy right to use songs,not from me,from the artist.

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- Very big download. Is it erotic movie included inside or i need additional download stream.

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10hightech Author

Yes Its a big download. It took me damn 9 hours to upload it, but downloading is much faster. Yeah there are some adult clips on the second board of the game or they are included in the movie folder.

But That is not the point of the game.This is a action/fighting rpg game.
I meant the story of the game has kind of an erotic element. I included no porn animation for the characters. Just the few clips.
Thank you for your comment and enjoy the game.

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10hightech Author

I just released Important patch 1. I thought I had most of the issues resolved when I released the game, but I have already discovered some things near the beginning of the game. I had a bug when they first reached Finishers house on bottom that was making an event near the end of the game start. This patch includes maps 1-6. Sorry for the glitch.
If you have played to this point You will need to start a new game.
More patches will come as needed.

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