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Ambience for horror, blood, darkness, feeling like something's about to happen or something disturbing already did.

Eternal Suffering
Otreum - - 767 comments

Incredibly basic and incredibly boring. I thought something was wrong with my speakers to be honest. BUT, I only say incredibly boring because of the scene you relate it to. This is purely a track for background music while walking around. There is nothing horriffic about this track at all.

I like it and I dislike it at the same time basically.
It repeats itself too mush. Take away the repetition and you've got a very quick loop. Add something more next time to give it some flavour, especially if you're after that horrifying music.

Take a look at some of the older horror films such as "The relic" (my personal favourite) or "Jeepers Creepers" (both 1 and 2).
The music in those films can really send the cold shivers flowing. If you want inspiration, check those movies out, especially the relic for those "shock" scenes.

Anyway, keep it up, time for me to listen to another of your tracks.

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rollsballs Author
rollsballs - - 26 comments

First word and KEY word in the description - "ambience"

I use a good amount of bass in this song so if you're rockin' the standard 2 speakers you won't get the intended effect. This is a good track for headphones or a system with a sub-woofer.

Songs like this are meant for games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill - not necessarily scary... just morbid. I've got a vision of blood and mass destruction.

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