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The newest version of Eradication Wars is now released! After countless hours and days of sleepless nights I got the whole thing wrapped up finally. I present you from deep of my corners of my room: -:::ERADICATION WARS:::- Version 6.0 Eradication Wars is a total conversion for the freeware game ''soldat''. Its based on Mechas/Mobile Suits/Gundams. A mecha is a large humanoid shaped machine that is piloted by a human pilot. And this modification turns the soldat's default modern warfare look into the hottest sideviewed futuristic mecha eradication-fest to give you the true mecha feel like never before! ---------------------------------- This version includes the following: -Over 50 weapons -New interface -New sound effects -New particle effects -New powerup boxes -New ingame text -New fonts -New soldier graphics >>> Mechas -13 new maps (Downloadable seperately) -Blue sniperline -Weapon selection program (Credits to Ivahn) -New animations -New explosions! -Unique...

:::Eradication Wars 6.0::: (Latest)
Reactorcore Author
Reactorcore - - 646 comments

Please give comments on the mod if you liked it or not.
Every comment counts!

Thank you!

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SanjuroShikimori - - 78 comments

You used up countless times to create a game which you does not benefits from. Many Thanks!

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Reactorcore Author
Reactorcore - - 646 comments

If you mean benefits like making the easier gameplay or something like that, then youre right.
I did this the theming/style in my mind. I always wanted a good action game where you can fly with mechas and blow things up.

Well, youre welcome! /: )

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reoku - - 3 comments

im haveing problemos with this i got everything up and running but the wepons and the soldat person look the same as befor got any tips to fix it?or where do you think i went wrong in the mean time until you answer i will be trying to find out what i did wrong

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Reactorcore Author
Reactorcore - - 646 comments

The .rar file can be openen with winRAR or 7zip or other compressed archive extracting program that can handle the .rar format. Google winRAR and download that or get 7zip here:


Also this mod is a little outdated so I think I might fix the bugs so it will match up to soldat's new version (1.4.2) since the font and few other thing need a small fix. It might come as a patch or maybe even as a whole new package. Depends...

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klemp602 - - 1 comments

i cant get it to work manuals make no sense

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~Sarcasm~ - - 1 comments

I cant even load mine. It keeps coming up as a RAR filr :(.

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Avenger2150 - - 496 comments

1 Word: Awesome !
seriously i played this game and i love it.
Good job.

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Tyanh - - 1 comments

Link download has die ?
I cant download form Filefront please upload to Mediafire ?

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