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Contained in this download is the Alpha of Encore. This is a VERY preliminary release which we are purposely releasing in an attempt to involve your feedback as early as we can in the development process. We want to make this a game that people really want to play so please tell us your HONEST opinion. Tell us why you either like the game or whether you think it totally sucks and tell us what we should do to make it a game you think would be awesome to play.

Encore! Demo - Version 0.10
Xyrom - - 241 comments

wow second dowload

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Gibberstein - - 52 comments

The potential is there, but it feels like too early a build to say anything useful about it. I will download future versions when there's something to get my teeth into and give constructive feedback on though :)

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

I really enjoyed it great work love the style and everything for the mod great work guys.

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Thanoshld - - 1,416 comments

Finally!The demo is here!But i installed it and it doesn't run,when i hit the START button,the game shut's down with an error message.Maybe there's a readme file for the installation i missed?

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etherealmuse Author
etherealmuse - - 37 comments

if you are still having problems please email me at roderick@ethereal-muse.com

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alexmccallaxo - - 2 comments

will this give me a virus?

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Arise_from_the_ashes - - 292 comments

I have the same problem. Do you have Vista by chance?

Is this demo known to be usable/unusable on a Vista machine?

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SEGIII - - 63 comments

Same problem. I automatically blamed my intel chipset though. Doesn't support SM 3.0 but I;m not sure. (Another game made with XNA said that it required SM 3.0, yet I was able to play just fine.) I have Vista btw. I think we'll have better luck emailing the author.

Edit: Wow, just noticed the previous comment was from one year ago... :|

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holyknight - - 213 comments

I downloaded it, tried it, and was good.
but it's too early for us testing it.
Also, there weren't any instructions so I had hard time trying to find "attack" (it's E by the way)
was fun though, looks very awesome.

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BHenderson - - 51 comments

Hmm, not much to say here...the demo was super short. I wish there was more to the combat than swing, swing, swing. Are you going to throw any story in? I guess maybe overall it could use more variety.

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