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The latest release includes all units and brand new building models. Unfortunately the AI doesn't work.

Elves 0.8
archmage101 - - 2 comments

well i downloaded your elves faction i have a few things say

I know this is asking a lot i'm sorry to be a bother

it would be nice if you provided some instructions, fortunately i figured it out.

after i figured it out i ran the game and it crashed:you left a text document or something in the units folder i deleted that and it ran

i like the elves far sight but i think they shoot a little bit far, cause they can shoot at people without them knowing it i'd limit their attacking range to something like 10, 11, or 12 at the highest, and maybe bring their ranged attack strength up a little bit

and the units could take a little less time to be produced, because i think that they are not powerful enough to make up for their slow training, something that goes along with that comment:
i think that elves are quick smart and elegant, plus some magical ability, not slow and careful

and last but not least i think the building models are to big

except all those things the mod is one of the best i've ever seen

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archmage101 - - 2 comments

oh by the way i can't do modeling
so i'm really hoping you'll make the building models smaller

and by the way can you compress elves-08 in zip format please
(elves-08.zip)because it took me half an hour to find out how to uncompress a 7z or whatever.

by the way i run linux

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