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Thalamanth is a matriarchal theocracy born of the union of the amazon warriors and priestesses of the Crystal Tribe, some nomadic Horse Tribes that renamed themselves the Wind Tribe, and an order of eastern wandering air mages from the mountains called the Cloud Sages. Together, they worship the Sky and all that resides within, birds and stars alike. Military: Wind Tribe archers and cavalry. Sacred amazon infantry, pegasus riders and naiads, and in forts archers and initiates. Magic: Very powerful Air, moderate Astral, some Earth. Cloud Monks are recruitable in all mountains. All amazon mages and female pretenders can wear Amazon Jewels, a cheap, potent spellbooster. Special items can restore the whole power of the elemental Queens of Air. Priests: Powerful. Expensive temples that create air gems. Three summonable demi-gods.

EA Thalamanth v1.13
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