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Once upon a time Santa Claus lived in a cabin in the middle of the forest with their elves, called Duyus, and all of them keep protected the Spirit of Christmas. One day, Santa went to fishing, and the mean Shivery Bear, decided to eliminate the Spirit of Christmas and steal the Christmas Stars. To make sure that nobody was able to found them again she hide them around the world. When Santa returned home he stared horrorized that not only the Spirit of Christmas had been stolen, but whithout the light of the Christmas Stars the Duyus turned into little blocks. When Santa saw this, he knew that he needed to do something. He decided to battle the Shivery Bear and his evil minions to return the Spirit of Christmas. Can Santa defeat the Shivery Bear, release the Duyus from his curse, and rescue the Christmas Stars? It's all up to you and Santa's skill. Go for it!!

Duyumania 1
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