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Changes every jumpscare sounds to Dımbıllan Dayı's perfect sound. How 2 Install step-1: Convert file called "Dımbıllan" from rar to zip. step-2: Open file called "Dımbıllan" and copy all of the sounds. step-3: Open SCP:CB file and open file called "SFX" then open file called "Horror". step-4: Delete the all sounds at file called Horror (Save them in another file if you want to restore the sounds later.) after deleting paste the sounds you copied in the File called "Dımbıllan". Congrats you just downloaded and installed the best SCP:CB mod ! (Attention:Downloading and installing this mod will significantly destroys games mood so I dont reccomned you to download this mod if you are dont really bored.)

Dımbıllan Dayı Jumpscare Sound
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