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Version 1 of Disquiet, a minimalistic sound-based horror game :) Runs on Linux and Windows machines (tested on Fedora 17 and Windows 7).

"Disquiet" game binary (v 1.0)

Gave this a try. Here's your biggest problem: it's too easy. I started it, walked around for about a minute or so and got to the exit without ever coming close to the monster.

Most of the graphics look like placeholders so I won't complain about those. The audio environment was surprisingly lacking for a game that should be based heavily on audio cues.

Suggestions: make the monster more aggressive or even add more than one monster and maybe increase the speed of the player. That should increase the tension by a lot.

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wilbefast Author

I'm a bit late to reply but wanted to say: I'm completely satisfied with how the project turned out and wouldn't change anything. There's a clear intention behind the decisions made, be they with regard to graphics, sound or gameplay. It's okay not to understand, not to be interested in or not to agree with this intention.

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