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This is our most up to date version of the game. If you have any comments or bugs to report, please head over to our website and fill out the feedback form. Thanks and we hope you enjoy.

Devil's Tuning Fork v. 1.21
Eleanor - - 7 comments

Let's try this out shall we :) Original idea

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Eleanor - - 7 comments

It's quite a nice concept, but needs a bit more work.

Even though dancing lines are a funky effect, it's not that beautiful and a bit annoying. I would replace it by just using a diffuse shader. No need for textures. It would also allow you to remove the seizure warning :).

Mouse input in the menu's would also be handy. Took me "a while" first time i tried to quit the game. Was trying to click quit with my mouse but nothing happened.

Furthermore there should be a way to customize keys. In the game would be the most professional approach, but easier to implement would just be a config file. In Belgium (where i live) we use azerty keyboards. So forward would be Z for me instead of W, and left would be Q instead of A. A Bit anoying to play like this.

And last, I discovered a small bug. In level 3 (if i'm not mistaken) there's a really big room with those tiles where you fall through. In the middle of the room it saved a checkpoint, in a bad location. Each time i "respawned" i fell down straight away. Made me have to quit and start over.

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alk3ovation Author
alk3ovation - - 3 comments

Eleanor, thanks for the feedback. Let me comment on them. As far as the visual style, we did try a diffuse shader but it just didn't feel like sound. If you are interested in the evolution of our visual design, check out a video we made discussing it: Youtube.com.

The mouse input in the pause menu is a known bug and is definitely on our list of things that need to be fixed.

Customizability is something we tried to get in as far as resolutions and fullscreen but with our tight development schedule, we had to focus more on gameplay than customizability. I understand that our game is probably impossible to play if your not using a qwerty keyboard. Our next version will include more customization of controls.

I believe I know which checkpoint you are talking about. We will definitely revisit our checkpoint system to make sure its working properly.

Thanks again for playing!!

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Woolybear777 - - 463 comments

A few things you may choose to address:

1. On one level I could see over the environment polygons into nothingness. I could even see the polygons from almost a perpendicular angle. It made the game feel like it didn't have depth.

2. In the same place as problem #1 occurred I could walk along the outside wall to another platform, completely skipping a bell and elevator.

3. The lines have really got to be changed. I think the look seems to be a bit too sharp. Sound is a wave. I feel like the visual sound should be more smooth and fluid.

4. I think that the mirrors, bells, and buttons should all be lit in a different color when they are hit with a sound wave. It would bring out the detail and relieve some of the visual monotony.

I had a lot of fun playing this release. It was very original and immersive. I'm looking forward to another one!

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olvimasta - - 323 comments

the game idea and visuals seem kickass! but so sure about the name though :/

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fancypearl - - 1 comments

WOW!!!! LOL Best game I've played since portal:P rock on.. that was fun heheh

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