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The full zombie game is here, play through the short epic story, or pick a map and kill some zombies. Please report any errors you find. So they can be fixed.

Dark Fusion
chikken21 - - 10 comments

Just tried out your game. It's pretty fun. It's a little repetitive after a while, and there's a bug that causes the game to switch between your party members at random without any button being pushed. Just in case you didn't know. Other than that though, a nicely done, pretty game. The thing that really kept me playing though was the music. Did you write it? It's haunting and beautiful at the same time. Either way, the game's great so far. I'll keep on playing and see what happens. Keep it up. =]

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MahtXL Author
MahtXL - - 707 comments

Yeh i noticed that bug. I dunno what is doing it, it seems to only happen when you give the other player a weapon of some sort. In the sequel it shouldnt happen cuz if you could tell from the ending. You will be alone for a long time. Im gonna put more in then zombies to avoid repetitive tasks. And ill be sure to keep the game here updated with new maps, to keep it refreshing. And the music is just defaults. I listened to them all, and picked ones that i thought would reflect was happening the best, i wish i could make music like that though, some defaults just dont fit very well.

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MahtXL Author
MahtXL - - 707 comments

On a side note, when a new engine version comes out, and after i update if i rebuild the game on the new version it usually fixes all bugs.

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