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CITY RAIN IS A PUZZLE AND SIMULATION GAME ABOUT URBAN PLANNING AND SUSTAINABILITY? In City Rain, you play as a member of an elite environmental Swat Force in charge of restructuring cities, before they are penalized by the World Environment Protection agency. City Rain is an action-packed, yet eco-friendly, green city simulation puzzle. As a member of the Rescue And Intervention Non-profit (RAIN) organization, your job is simple. You must rescue cities on the WEPA blacklist before they are punished by the world for being destructive to our irreplaceable natural resources. Ultimately, you must help reorganize cities so that they will become environmentally friendly and inspiring places to live. But it won't be easy. You will be constantly challenged by Bane Industries, one of the last corporations in the world that refuses to submit to WEPA environmental standards for process and production. Are you ready for the challenge? Your work might just save our world!

City Rain PC English 1.1
SpeedyClaude - - 1,506 comments

reminds me of SimCity

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hagamablabla - - 240 comments

What I don't get is that if there is a world environmental law, why can't they just Bane to submit? Send the army or something.

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