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This is CheatPack V1.56 Brief Changelog: Spawn Strong General: Spawns Skilled & Natural Born Leader Good Relations: Relations maxed with all nations Bad Relations: Relations worst with all nations Form Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth: In the name Bug Fixes Duplicate Annex sphere options fixed Misc Localization fixes Detection added for COE mod in some circumstances General Mod detection ability Improved

CheatPack V1.56

Do you know what code you would need for a convert to state religion decision? I tried looking in the base files but being an amateur it was all a confusing mess.
Also, having an option to increase the number of clergymen would be a very useful and often used decision

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Bob-Bobington Author

Unfortunately I am unsure how to create a convert state religion decision despite trying to find a way for some time. I'm not sure if this can be changed once the game is created due to how the events system identifies pops. As for more pop options these are slated for the next major release however I may bring some forwards to a smaller update in the near future.

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