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Features a practice level and 1 "in game" level. Will be updated shortly!

Chaos Chimera PA3
wiiandthekid - - 19 comments

so i just finished playing factorium, so i'd have some reference for this game. the thing i'm missing between the two is actually being able to see the transparent version of the action when i grab it. in chaos chimera, i couldn't really see if i grabbed a particular action or not. so sometimes i would think i was doing an action but was really grabbing air. i didn't find myself using a lot of the actions on the second menu, other than draw and shell. haste and slow weren't very vital for me. ice was pretty under used as well. maybe switch aero to something that fires vertical.

how many levels do you have planned? I have to honestly say, factorium was a big let down at only one level. i wanted to play so much more. maybe 12 good levels at $10. I'd definitely scoop this up. bring out more levels periodically. dlc. yeah baby. do it big baby.

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lazybraingames Author
lazybraingames - - 2 comments

Some very good points wii&kid. This is going to be the final Lazy Brain freeware game on PC, so the price is zero! After this, I'm moving over to iPhone ;) There are 3 levels planned, which are broken up into 12 sections (4 each). I'll work on the transparent issue you brought up. Haste has been updated to become much more relevant, and slow is taking some work to implement, although it might get cut if it doesn't shape up lol.

Thanks for playing!

-Johnny B.

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