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A Beret room to demonstrate a bug with a link from a pink link block to a floating platform.

Bugged Platform Link Demonstration
dafishanator - - 560 comments


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Kiwisauce - - 5 comments

Haha... that's pretty interesting behavior. The reason for this is that platforms keep track of the absolute coordinates that they're supposed to be at and move towards it if nothing is blocking their path, and being moved by a link block doesn't update those coordinates. This means (as you may have noticed) that it's possible to pump the platforms while they're linked and they'll still move to the correct post-pump location when delinked.

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Leylite Author
Leylite - - 3 comments


Right, that makes sense as an explanation for why the outlined behavior occurs. But I don't think this is intended behavior, unless you say the current behavior is indeed intended.

I would expect that moving a platform using a link block would actually update its "origin point" so that, for example, the down-moving platform only stays in its current column when the pink block is destroyed, instead of moving back to the left, which seems kind of unintuitive. It also means that it is incredibly important for me to start the platform in one specific location, which I don't have to do for a normal link block to stone block link - I can start that wherever I want.

So I think there's more puzzle potential and it would be more intuitive to have the link update the platform's coordinates when the link block gets moved around, rather than the current situation where the coordinates aren't updated.

It's your call, obviously, but that's my opinion.

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Kiwisauce - - 5 comments


Well, I didn't actually consider this interaction at all, so nothing is really the 'intended' behavior. But I do agree with you that what you've described makes a lot more sense than the current behavior. I've put together quite a few bug/level fixes but haven't released anything yet because I'd like to only do one more Beret release... maybe that's wishful thinking and someone will show me a horrible bug the day after I release it. Anyway, you can expect a fix for this in the next release. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Leylite Author
Leylite - - 3 comments

I'm hoping the new fix also covers cases where platforms are forced off course by the green force field arrows - right now we also get problems similar to the ones in this level set where a left-facing platform that is forced downwards, after it leaves the field, tries to *go back up* so it can reach its precalculated position.

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