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BR Capitalism MOD 1.1 by MosierCan New Features Replace all Logos/Names with corporations of all the world like Brazilian, American, japanese etc, some logos/Names are the real ones or they are adapted to be more clean to the game or self created. Total: 133 Logos New Comercial Buildings, Apartments, Stores and Headquarters. New Internet company (Online Banking; the revenue come from the Fee) with new banner but some reason the doesnt apear on the Internet Company interation screen. New Portraits and Persons, some of then are totally new and others comes from other users Mods like Capitalism Wolrd and Real Worlds. Add New Products/Industries (and add more products to the base game industries like Furniture etc). Total: 221 Products Images Replace Huge Number of Products Images. Add Libertarian Party and replace all old Parties logos with real ones like Republian and Democratic or Adapated versions. Add Water as new Natural Resource . Link some AI to Specific Company and sector.

Brazil Capitalism MOD
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