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BR Capitalism MOD 1.2 by MosierCan This New Version Came with 9 totally New logos of real Corporations from United States, Israel, Taiwan, Brazil, Exemple; Apple (US Tech Corporation), TD Ameritrade (US Stock Broker), Parler (US New Social Network) Remessa Online (BRAZIL Exchange), Taiwanese Hon Hai (TAIWAN, most Know as Foxconn, Tech Company), Cellcom (Israel, Telecom Coporation) Etc etc, Add Elon Musk Linked with Tesla, Add new Anarcho-Capitalist Party, Change some Products Images, Re-use Some Old Stores Images (3D Buildings, retail) Propeties as new Commercial Properties, Add Biggest Texan Cities, Brazilian, Israel, Taiwan Etc. Will Be a Lots of new products in the future and more stuff to improve future DLCs

BR Capitalism MOD 1.2
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