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A new update with tons of new stuff! -The biggest new feature is the revamped healing system. The only way to heal is to do nothing, which means in the heat of combat, you can't simply run away. So, I have introduced drugs, which heal over time. Collect all four! But don't take all four at once, you'll OD. -A tutorial has been added. It's rather crude, but it does the job. -Floor 20 has a boss! Moot is nothing compared to her... -Four new enemies: Thief, Criminal, Gangsta, and Mugger. -New Weapons: The bat, the nunchuck, the sword! -Advanced Human AI, which is guaranteed to blow your mind. Well, maybe not blow your mind, but implode it a little. -Now you know what floor you are on before you go into it (sorry this took so long). -Fixed some broken descriptions and sound effects. -Difficulty and item rarity modifications. That's all for now. Oh yes- if you can beat the floor 20 boss, and screencap the win screen and send it to me, I'll put the name of your choice in the namelist.

BES version .20
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