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All of the addons and downloads released to the game, along with a few addons of my own ;). PS: Some of the games addons included in this are of a dfferent language. The guy who made those is portugese. UPDATE: I've added a few more changes and include the close fight map, redownload! To make custom models: Blender.org To make the maps(Requires both): Bundysoft.com Python.org

Battletanks II combined pack.(Obsolete)
lokoeuxd - - 50 comments

hi, nice to everyone! I'm the guy Portuguese mod ^ ^
very good pack that has enough cool stuff in it pro game ...download which is good!

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Tamagakure Author
Tamagakure - - 5,106 comments

Anyways, expect something soon, when I get off of my lazy *** and update it again xD.

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Tamagakure Author
Tamagakure - - 5,106 comments

It'll come eventually, gotta redo some things.

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MasterionX - - 107 comments

There are 3 problems with this Pack:

1. There is an extra space after "2349-BattleTanksII" in the folder's name in the archive (which causes some problems with the system).

2. There is a packed game inside the 2349-BattleTanksII folder in the archive (Packception!).

3. Readme file is called "New Text Document.txt".

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