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this neeeeeds a better title, help me out here.. made this messing about with dist filters and compressors.

Barely Breathing
BunnyJen - - 886 comments

I really like the bass line, and I like when the piano comes in.

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Hdfisise - - 8 comments

Pretty cool song, I can see it being used in a cutscene with the bad guys :D

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Burnouts - - 8 comments

nice :P i like it !

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Otreum - - 767 comments

Hmm, I like this compared to the other track I commented on, you seem to have made something original which I like, I don't know if that was from the advice I gave or what, but either way, I like it.
One nitpick I have though is that on the 4th bar (dun dun dun dun shink-ah dun dun dun dun shink-ah dun dun dun dun shink-ah dun dun dun dun shink-ah) I think that if you wanted the track to sound more daunting, you could have gone up one note on the slightly distorted bass line for one bar and then went back down again for the next 2 and then back up, and repeat then you could go up the notes to what you have.

OR, go up the note at the bar before the brush sound comes in (the "chi chi chi chi - tsi tsi", sound).

Overall, I definately liked it and felt an improvement over the other one I listened to and commented on. Well done. This actually reminded me of the Killing Floor mod, so take that as a compliment :)

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