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Ok, no one has gave me any suggestions for the next release, so this is what I have done (that I can remember). 1. The F22 now has a long range rapid fire gun. 2. The A10 has a mid range inacurate gun and it now has 20 aa / ag missiles that kill turrets in 2 shots to fit its role as a ground assault plane better. 3. All the other planes bullets don't quite go straight to make it more realistic. 4. I changed enemy missiles a lot, they now shoot at you, but dont track you unless they get within 200 (or was it 150) pixels of you, then they track you unless you get that far away again. They now die after 5 seconds 5. I made a new, better f18 sprite and gave it 8 bombs and the bomb.s go 50% farther than what they did so now you can drop them off sooner.

Aerial Assault, the second Beta
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Aren't my airplanes pretty?

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