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This is going to be a serious story and trying all my best to finish it. If any of you guys wanna help me out with something, PM me. This is also my first CS. Description: Many strange things have started happening since I burned down those wicked churches, they will surely come after me. Could it be those things I saw in my nightmares, those. . . . monstrosities?. I haven't slept for days and all of these hallucinations and headaches is driving me mad. I can't tell whats real anymore. Being alone for too long changes you too, in a bad way, I feel tired of all of this. PROGRESS: First map: 95% done (need some slight tweaks) Second map: 5% done (needs LOTS of work, just started) Third map: 0% Fourth map: 0% Fifth map: 0%

Amnesia CS - Revenge
Demondays1 Author

Just saying (in case anyone god knows why you are passing by here) that this custom map is CANCELLED LONG AGO. My computer had a tantrum and ended up buying a new PC. All my progress was wiped and did not wish to continue this project. Sorry for anyone who was looking forward to it (Probably no one) :)

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