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Some minor graphical updates, Reduced filesize (115MB this time instead of 452MB), Added a couple pages of Tips, Shield fix after 2 years of troubleshooting, Ability to change volume settings while paused, New option to keep weapons after dying Aug 14th 2021: This has been updated to "221b" to fix some bugs that were found in the regular "221"

Alpha Centaurus 221b beta
carinad3a Author
carinad3a - - 4 comments

Two bugs: (fixed. see next comment)

1) If you don't continue and start a new game at the Title Screen, you'll have 0 lives. If you die, the game will still go on.
Fix this by just visiting the Options screen and a script will reset it to what your preference is.
2) Continuing on Level 2 does not reset your weapons back to 0.

Both of these will be fixed in the 222 beta.

The 222 beta will only be bug fixes as I am moving on to making level 3.

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carinad3a Author
carinad3a - - 4 comments

Update has been posted as 221b. No new page for it, you're here already :)

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