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Please remember this is a very, very alpha release, Borderline pre-alpha. We release this in hopes we can share our progress every step of the way during development. There are still bugs and we know of a few, so if you find one, screen shot it, and send it our way so we can continue to make SoR better.

Alpha 6
ZeroX0 - - 25 comments

Great, been waiting for this.

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Gaz-1 - - 24 comments

Hi, is there somewhere I can find a changelog?

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Hug000 - - 7 comments

I have been following this game since early Alphas, and find it's becoming interesting.
I play the "Survival" version, I like the fact that the builders are the dwarves (not the player), and that you can control several ones, that cleverly share the tasks.
But there are some bugs, very annoying ones, that totally ruin my experience. You may have spotted them, but I will enumerate them anyways, just in case:
- some dwarves cross a place where a block is being built, and remain stuck when the block is made.
- some blocks are "locked" with no reason: cannot build/destroy, the green/red square doesn not even show.
- some orders are never took into account (or very late).
- cannot cancel build/destroy orders. I don't know if it is a bug, but it would be very useful to cancel an action. Not to mention that when an action is not performed (previous bug), you could cancel and redo it.

And here are interesting features (not to say vital) that I hope you will add:
- ask a dwarf to go at a given place, would be very useful (it could replace the ability of dwarves to move when they are in the way).
- dwarves can have different states: idle (won't move, unless if told to go at a given place), or active (will act as he currently does, build if asked, and move if he bothers). I feel it would really improve the gameplay.
- execute order as soon as it becomes possible (I think it is already supposed to be that way).

I would really enjoy playing the game without these bugs, and possibly with the features I listed. Anyways, congrtulations for the work done so far.
I hope you will read my comment and take it into account.

PS: Please forgive the language mistakes I possibly made, English is not my native tongue.

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garrettcolas - - 251 comments

Thank you for the feedback Hug000, We are aware of those bugs and I'm working on them at all times.

I love those ideas you suggested, and of course we have planned on having the feature to cancel an order.

I hope in future updates when we fix these bugs and add new features, you'll be around to point out any other bugs.

Thanks again.

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Hug000 - - 7 comments

It is nice to see that I didn't post in vain, I'll probably be there to test the next releases.

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