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Please remember this is a very, very alpha release, Borderline pre-alpha. We release this in hopes we can share our progress every step of the way during development. There are still bugs and we know of a few, so if you find one, screen shot it, and send it our way so we can continue to make SoR better.

Alpha 3
AssassinAlex18 - - 175 comments

: D

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x3nu - - 174 comments

Finally! I've been waiting all week for the update! :)

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Ca_Putt - - 179 comments


oh btw what does the zombie chicken do?

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Bfox - - 173 comments

Man, the survival map is big, could there be a button so the camera centres on any dwarfs alive or have some way to move the camera faster? (holding shift?)

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Xmon - - 1 comments

How to play>>?X) I just give him chicken...

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