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The knight is your character, his hp and strength is tied to his level, and will increase as he levels up in order to balance with the enlarged number of enemies that will spawn. The knight has 3 attacks that can be performed when used in succession. Each attack has a very generous and large timing to combo attacks, meaning combo moves can be delayed, discouraging button spamming and forcing the player to time his hits to maximize his potential for survival. Right now the game is capped at level 8. If you manage to reach level 8, you will unlock a secret cutscene and the game will end. This feature was introduced mainly because the game lacks many features that make many endless brawlers fun (i.e a progression system). Thus even if it was uncapped the game would feel stale and pointless. The cap was too give a reason to play even if only a few minutes. (That is if anyone would like an uncapped version, I'll be happy to send one over!)

Adroit (Story Version) [Recommended]
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