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NEW UPDATE AS OF 02-06-2019 [FOR VERSION 16.4] [mew patch 3rd] NEW BIOME CHANGES. -Biomes have been reworked entirely, reducing clutter and unrealistic ground/ objects. aka- rock's and littler/ blocks in roads/ more trees. -Roads are now worn and filled with brown grass, "Some may like this, some may not". -Less clutter on roads. NEW ARMOR CHANGES:Armor buffed and is now effective at blocking damage in conjunction with the sound overhaul."Think walking dead" bandit/iron armor offers the best protection. military does not stop you getting bitten/ infected. "Wearing armor has a massive effect on your ability to suvive hordes" NEW SOUND CHANGES.- Zombies can hear you Much better, running/hitting trash etc, shooting guns will draw in crowds "Fast" as gun sound rnages have been increced to realistic distances.

7daystoDie 02-06-2019  [Hardcore] [New]
Lordzarmack Author
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[Please use this version]
Please enjoy.

:Dont shoot your gun if you dont need to. You have been warned.
Sound is now very important and more realistic.

"If you play on "all run" God help you if you fire a shotgun in a Forrest biome or woodland/ city.

:Armor is now necessary for you trigger happy players =)

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Lordzarmack Author
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*New gun stack sises, bandits and hostile npc's roam now.

Bandits in deserts,survivors in forest/woodland.
"Be warned" they will kill you.

[Accidentally clicked archive- sorry admin) =)

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Ai- melee now fully sprint at you and zombies- removed the walk as it made killing the melee ones too easy-

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