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Star and Serpent is an indie game studio from Finland.

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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Java coders needed for a voxel game

Note: Unpaid volunteer position!

Hello everyone. I am Poika Pilvimaa, the project leader of Star and Serpent indie game studio.

We are looking for You and other Java programmers to join the development of our voxel game, Rituals of the old, and our related open source technologies.

Rituals of the old logo

Rituals of the old

Rituals of the old is a multiplayer sandbox role-playing oriented voxel game of crafting, building, survival, and adventure in an open random generated world.

Web pages (a bit out of date):

People sitting around calm campfire

The project

After 4 years of pre-planning and testing the project officially started in the summer of 2016 and has been in active development ever since on our free time. The core team has 7 active devs. Rituals of the old is a hobby project which might have the potential to turn commercial one day - and we reserve the right to do so. We strive to open source all of our core technologies under the permissive MIT license, sans any directly game related content.

We have two active coders working on the voxel engine which is finally starting to produce results. See video below:

(If the embed doesn't work, click here: Youtu.be)

Meet out team:
S.'.S.'. development team


We use Java and JavaMonkeyEngine as a foundation. Kotlin is planned for scripting. We try to use available libraries where and when we can.

- LibGDX-AI planned for AI.
- Aeron UDP networking library.
- Physics probably needs to be done from scratch due to lack of good libs.
- In house world generator, Weltschmerz, implemented from Thomas Würstle's excellent master's thesis "Realistic Biome Generation for Procedural Maps using Essential Climate Principles" (https://tenjix.de/projects/climate-based-biomes/)
- In house voxel engine, Terra, an octree of chunks hybrid with 64^3 chunk size using Palete16 compression for fast random access times. We use greedy meshing currently. Chunk generation takes 50 ms / chunk. We are also testing voxel splatter technology, currently at 2-5 ms / chunk, which is promising.

Check out our Github:

Wagon, front

Wagon, back

Where are we at currently

In the grand scheme of things we're working on getting a stable first version out where multiplayer and simple physics are working again so that we can move around in the world and modify the world, etc.

At the time of writing we are focusing on improving world generation. The next iteration should look interesting.

Concept art - Carrion spirit

What we can offer you

"Why would I want to do this instead of working on my own projects?"

It's a very common and valid question and deserves a straight answer.

Game development alone is hard. Most people dream about it, dabble in it for a bit, become disillusioned, and fail to produce anything tangible for their efforts.

We have a serious project going on that was in pre-planning and testing as a mod on another game platform for 4 years. We have been in active development now for 3 years.

As a part of our team you would be one step closer to realizing your game development dreams. With us you will gain insights into game development and into working in a small/medium sized group (10 people currently, international team). You will gain experience and practical skills about the inner workings and challenges of voxel engines, multiplayer networking, world generation, networked physics - and many other aspects of game development - in a supportive group environment.

That's my sales speech. If you're not interested for any myriad of reasons, I totally get that.

Tall grass test

Block test

Block test

Block test

Hair preview

Book, closed

Book, open

To Apply

Note: Unpaid volunteer position!

Don't hesitate to email your questions, applications, and portfolios to info@starandserpent.com and let us know a little bit about yourself and your skills.

Hoping to hear from you!


Poika Pilvimaa
Star and Serpent