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MoonAttic is a project crafted from love and will, a team of developers based all around the world, designing games that combine our melting pot of diverse cultures, influences and passions. Our challenge is to deliver new, breathtaking experiences for the players to lose themselves in; from the gamers for the gamers. MoonAttic is unlike anything you've ever seen: we focus on you, and we strive to create different, engaging environments filled with more adventures than you have ever dreamed of.

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Posted by MoonAttic Games on

Hello! Right now i am looking for a game writer.
I am developing a horror game, still there is no team. Because from my many previous experiences the team fells apart for one reason - the story isn't even started and many people don't even have work to do for so much time, and they leave.
So now, my idea is to build the story and then get the team. But I'm really good at hiring, as I said, so it wont be a problem.
In my previous team there were only professional people.
But as soon as we are ready for development, even if the story isn't fully ready ill get the team. Because its not necessary to have the full story document. We just need something to develop.
My previous team was called MoonAttic Games, but I'm creating a completely new one
Also I have made a rough draft for the story, which you need to clean up, because im not a writer and maybe its written badly.
You mustn change anything, just clear it, and then we can start developing the story further.

The game will be a 3d first person, with high quality graphics.
Genre: horror-survival, adventure, action (the game will involve a lot of thinking so it should have sort of puzzles to solve)
We are aiming for 5+ hours of gameplay.
The game will have sequels (maybe prequels)
The game will have horror aspects like in Resident Evil 7
So the idea here is to deliver a true horror experience to the player.
As well as an emotional one.
What i mean is that the player should remember this game and not be able to wait for the sequel that will come.
We are aiming for a whole franchise.
The player should be confused and scared all the time.

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