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Hello, We are Masondogg Studios, LLC some of you may have seen us before if so thank you for checking out our site we currently have 2 games in development now and are also working on building 2 more teams. We also want to expand to adding an ALL female team as well. These are exciting times if you have been looking for an indie studio that is stable and funded and has a well laid out structure our studio is right for you. Join today apply on our jobs page today. www.masondoggstudios.com

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Programmers located USA Only.

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Hi, We are Masondogg Studios, LLC.

An indie studio with over 30 Developers, working together to produce games that are profitable, but most importantly, fun.
We currently have two games that will soon be releasing on steam and another still in early development.

Our projects are important to us. We set goals, timelines and use great communication to produce unique content. Our studio is built around trust and friendship, and we compete with companies that are larger than us by including a management structure that does not hinder creative performance, and helps drive young talent. You will work directly with the Studio Head, Human Resources, and Public Relations Officer to push yourself to your personal limits to work on the projects you love.

Our projects are team-based, but, we are a studio that supports each other as we all grow and learn each day, making great games along the way.

We are currently looking to fill in positions in Programming, Rigging and Weighting, SFX and Composers and more.

Go to our website to learn more Masondoggstudios.com

Thank you for your time,
Mitchell E. Faulkner II
CEO Masondogg Studios, LLC

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If you want to apply now go here: Masondoggstudios.com

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