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Hello, We are Masondogg Studios, LLC some of you may have seen us before if so thank you for checking out our site we currently have 2 games in development now and are also working on building 2 more teams. We also want to expand to adding an ALL female team as well. These are exciting times if you have been looking for an indie studio that is stable and funded and has a well laid out structure our studio is right for you. Join today apply on our jobs page today. www.masondoggstudios.com

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QA/Testers located Anywhere.

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*Note this is a [Volunteer posting] we are considering recognition for the best testers we are still deciding on what it shall be. Thank you for your support.

Would you like to be a video game Alpha/Beta Tester? Signup today and you could be selected to help make our games better. You can contribute your opinions or ideas that you think could make our games better. Please go to www.masondoggstudios.com and signup today click on the Beta Tester link.

You will be required to complete a Beta NDA as these are protected works but it only needs to be completed once. Thank you for your support!

About Us:
The studio was founded in 2016 by CEO Mitchell E. Faulkner II
Since then we have released 3 games, 2 pc and 1 Android mobile.

We have 4 more games currently in development and more coming we will require more testers to help us better shape our games we are asking the gaming community for help and support thank you.

We have a game on steam and a title released on Itch.io please check them out on our website www.masondoggstudios.com..

To Apply

Please go to: Masondoggstudios.com
Be sure to complete the Beta NDA form you will not be selected unless that is emailed in as directed on the page if you need help please email. Support@masondoggstudios.com

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