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This is a background made for Amnesia:TDD depicting a castle overlooking a small village. This is my attempt at making a nice outdoor environment using the HPL2 engine, which I've found rather difficult due to the amount of outdoor objects, as well as their overall quality. This package comes with the background for the main menu as well as some new calming music. I hope you enjoy it! To install, extract it and drag the redist folder into your Amnesia root folder, overwriting all the necessary files*. *=You may want to make backups of the original game's files just in case you don't find this mod satisfactory. If you use the steam version and do not have a redist folder, simply open the new redist and drag all of its contents into your Amnesia folder, overwriting necessary files.

Village Menu Screen

Nice perspective, looks like something you see in a painting :) I thought the music was kind of harsh-toned though and the bird noises were a bit loud, but good work on the map itself, it has great use of space

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this is really coool :D

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