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This package contains some of the most important textures for modders an mappers to create NarShaddaa-like maps in a "Jedi Knight-Dark Forces II"-style. Most of the textures are close remakes to the originals. I always felt that the rendering of NarShaddaa in JediKnight was the most unique and stunning. I hope these textures will help you bring back the flair from that fantastic 1997-game. All textures in tga-format. Diffuse-maps only. You will have to create your own bump maps and shaders for special effects... Creative Commons CC - BY

NarShaddaa-Essentials (free textures)
Billy_Mays - - 42 comments

dark forces 2 is so awesome.... in fact, I think I'm gonna go play it again :D

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Pectabyte - - 4 comments

JK and MOTS were such fantastic games. You just never see games of thier caliber anymore.

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