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NOTE: this mod is identical to my Kotor 2 version i simply changed the textures so they would work on kotor 1. So therefore same screen shots. DESCRIPTION: Put simply this mod reskins the ebon hawk inside and out. The outer skin looks very simmilar to the original. However its completely new. I used actual photographs of my millenium falcon models as well as stills from the movies to design a realistic texture. It becomes more detailed in the proluoge than the other planets. The inside is just using textures of my own design. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:Simply extract the zip file and move all files in the "texture files" folder into your override folder. This mod will work from any stage of the game.

Millenium Hawk - Ebon Falcon
sickness2snipe - - 2 comments


there is an happy part and a angry part of this comment:
Happy Part: Thanks For Making A Really Kick-*** Skin Pack.
Angry Part: **** You For Screwing Up The Names, its Millennium Falcon and the Ebon Hawk. if your job is to **** up names your doing a very good job at it.

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CrimsonStrife Author
CrimsonStrife - - 7 comments

I made the name like that because it was textured to resemble the Millennium Falcon, so for the sake of the pack I was going to give it a new name, I couldn't decide on one so thats what I did. It was to keep people from thinking I had replaced the actual model of the ship.

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ZeeCaptain - - 2 comments

Dude think... No one is that stupid.

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cody-walls - - 7 comments

stupid? no, hoping for a mod like that? sooooo much yesssss! lol

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Guest - - 687,512 comments


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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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wispers187 - - 10 comments

doesnt work, fallowed instructions exactly; MOVED contents from folder to the override folder in kotor. and nothing has changed

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wispers187 - - 10 comments

other hawk mod works fine (win7 64)

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ntblood - - 274 comments

I downloaded and extracted all the KotOR add-ons (listed at this link, not the address:
Indiedb.com )
and was looking to install them however I'm new to this and have installed the Ultimate mod, as the Ultimate mod is all about improving the graphics, will these other addons conflict or are they included in the Ultimate mod?

Thank you!

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