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On the 15 August Ion Fury was released. Soon enough brave intersectional heroes from the site ResetEra discovered a homophobic soap bottle in the game. This patch replaces it with a less toxic brand - just extract into the same folder as the game.

Ion Fury - Soap Bottle Patch
_origami_ - - 198 comments

I find this mod offensive to all the soy loving people out there.

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PMDLEADERSHINX - - 544 comments

More of an reason to start going after those SJW's and destroying their lives/reputations

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Kills_Alone - - 121 comments

"If you want to pirate it, it’s only like 95MB. You should check it out. We worked really hard on it and it’s a cool game. **** politics."—Voidpoint

Twitter Archive link: Archive.vn

Whoa, what a crazy development. So we have permission from Voidpoint to download the game. Yet another developer telling you to pirate their game due to politics, crazy.

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phredreeke Author
phredreeke - - 167 comments

Just gonna say that there's a donate link on the eduke32 website.

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