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Coming 2020




Port Valley is a (not so) classic Point & Click adventure where perspective changes everything! Witness Port Valley's Election Day from 3 different points of view: A lazy delivery guy, a mysterious female plumber… and someone else.

 Prepare yourself to face Port Valley's bizarre citizens and unfold the obscure plot that is tying together these (apparently) unrelated stories. Revenge, political conspiracies, a banana balloon… everything was meant to clash on this specific day.


Port Valley came to be because of personal frustration with modern adventure games. I feel that they tend to oversimplify their mechanics and limit players' interaction with the game in favor of linearity, which is something I'm not comfortable with.

I wanted to make an alternative to this trend. A game where gameplay and game mechanics were the tools for storytelling, world-building and character development, and where the goal was not to "pay tribute" to the classics, but to borrow the old-school mechanics to make something new. Because this genre still has a lot to say.

Port Valley received its first playable demo in August 2018, but I wasn't happy enough with the result. That's why [the competent DEMO] launched in March 2019 showing a renewed plot, very improved designs and many, many new features.


  • 3 plots, 3 main characters, 3 difficulty modes, 3 mayoral candidates… 3 chances to unfold a dark and bigger story.
  • A renewed yet classic Point & Click interface.* (*May not be that renewed.)
  • A humoristic light-hearted tone with annoying self-aware humor.
  • Active NPCs. They're not just there to give you items and their objectives may be more important than yours.
  • Annoying puzzles with different ways to solve them.
  • An in-game day/night cycle. (This would've been a big deal back in the 90's.)
  • A dog


Port Valley [the competent DEMO] - Trailer YouTube


Download all screenshots & photos as .zip

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Selected Articles

  • "Attractive pixel art, wacky characters, all sort of hi-jinks… it’s going to be a game to look forward to. It also has a dog."
    - Julia Couture, Indie Games Plus
  • "The writing is fresh. The puzzles, excellent. It feels much more than a nostalgic love letter."
    - Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer

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[the competent DEMO] for Windows, macOS and Linux
Try the demo! (only if you wish, I won't get mad) store.steampowered.com/app/904450/Port_Valley.

About WrongPixel

Álvaro Moreno (WrongPixel) is the creator, designer, writer, programmer, etc, etc, blah, blah… of Port Valley. He's basically making everything but the music, and that's because he really sucks at it (he tried!). He used to be a screenwriter, but his personal goal is to make this game happen for some reason. Also he doesn't like broccoli. (That's all there's to know, honestly.)

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