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So, why Tea?Tea is the dream laboratory of any agriculturist. Tea is a very receptive plant. All real 'Tea,' be it White, Green, Oolong, Yellow, Black, or Fermented, comes from a single species. Camellia sinensis.

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Two leaves and a bud is a tea farm and factory management game. Produce Tea, craft your own processing technique, expand and manage your Tea Estate. You'll also have to deal with factors such as pests, weather, and labor management, which can either make or break your business.

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The Conception:

The game is a joint effort by Chengmari Tea Estate and Flying Robot Studios. Sharing their shared passion for authentic Tea, they bring out the secrets of producing the finest quality from the Tea Masters of their tea factory to the gamers.

These innovations were the result of the keen observation of the farmers. Farmers observed the final outcome's behavior by studying the effect of plant cultivars, age, terroir, and processing techniques. So, the craftsmanship determines Tea's type, style, quality, and price.

This game presents the player with an opportunity to experiment with the same set of agricultural possibilities, starting from

  1. Choosing a tea clone by analyzing their parameters.
  2. Analyzing soil test reports to select and buy farmlands.
  3. Pre-treatment of the soil before planting
  4. Clone planting and plant management
  5. Post plantation soil management
  6. Weather analysis and choosing the plucking week of the year.
  7. Granulated pluck management
  8. Choose a specific leaf combination.
  9. Process tea leaves in a factory equipped with equipment and machines, from traditional to automated.
  10. Observe the change of leaf temperature, aroma, and weight over time to decide when to switch the processes.
  11. Brew and taste your Tea, analyze the flavor profile, and various other tea taste report parameters.
  12. Understand the basics of processing and then move towards experimenting with formulizing your own technique and timings.
  13. Study worldwide market trends to decide on your next production.
  14. Rise up to the tea manager's challenge of producing a specific Tea flavor to unlock high mountain terroir, advanced tools, and facilities.
  15. Surprise your community by replicating the flavor profile of world-renowned teas.

All of these choices affect the final outcome. The way forward is to experiment and learn how each and every step affects the final result. While maintaining the cash flow of your farm and factory.

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The game is not only a management game but an open-ended sandbox, where you can spend an endless amount of time experimenting with your clones, farms, and processing techniques. Gradually these techniques will become your own secrets. And you will become a Tea Master.

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