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Want to play to Strange Masks in your own language? Want to share this with others? Here is a simple tutorial to get you started.

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So: How can I translate Strange Masks into my own language?

Browse to the lang sub directory in the game assets folder

  • Windows : pathtomygame\assets\lang
  • Mac : on mac, you can open the strange masks application like a folder because an application is a just a compressed folder. So browse to /pathtomygame/strangemasks/strangemasks.app/Contents/Resources/assets/lang
  • Linux : pathtomygame/assets/lang

2. copy the en.lang file to yourlanguageISOcode.lang

  • For instance, for the spanish language file, just copy the en.lang to an es.lang. for the french language you can copy the en.lang to fr.lang and so on.
  • Here is a list of the country codes if you don’t know your country code : w3c codes

3. translate every string in the new .lang file.

  • Take your time, and make someone review the file :)
  • Don’t forget to add your name to the contributors line.

4. Add your language to the game

  • add your language in the locale file in the lang folder.
  • For instance if you want to add your freshly translated esperanto file (eo.lang) add a line witheo:eo.lang

5. Try it!

  • Now, launch Strange Masks, go to the options - language menu and select your language and see what happens.

6. Send it to me :)

  • You feel ready? You think it works? Then just send your file to me. so that I can officially add your language.

A few considerations…
First of all, feel free to add whatever language you want as long as it fits in the iso Latin1 charset (ISO-8859-1).
If your language does not fit, then send me a mail to see what can be done to add your language.
If you want to translate the language in the Pirate language or in Klingon, you can do it :)

Then this is an open collaboration system, meaning that although I will thank you as much as I can - with love letters for instance and your name in the credits and a prayer for you so that you can reach Valinor or any heavens you would like to go to - this is kind of modding effort :)


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