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A explanation on how useful a extensive tutorial is or not.

Posted by on - Advanced Textures

This is one of those tutorials that i have many doubts in posting it for people to view. First is a very long time tutorial. Second is using cycles render. Third the kind of level or detail is really high of no use to game development. This person is probably a professional designer or animator which in a way is some how connected to game development, but in another way have nothing to do with game development. So can we learn something from this tutorial? Is true we can learn more on textures and how they affect the quality of the 3D model. The main point is, in games its the game engine that renders textures and apply shaders so if he is already doing that inside blender and on top of that using cycles render that means that the final result can not be the same inside your game engine. Why do I post a not so usefully tutorial because you can grasp some information, that you can't get it in other tutorials. One thing for start he is using to much detail. Second if you a game developer do not follow this tutorial because in a web game most of the time you are producing low to medium textures and that's it. Still the fundamentals are there. In some modes you may need more quality. To know a bit of quality can't hurt. But remember this kind of quality is only used in AAA study development not for your small tiny project that is going to be posted in some mini clip clone page. If you lose 40minutes for which 3D model texture that can mean 10 years of your life to produce a single game title, counting that you are doing some kind of large scale project. If you do just one map on high quality with a bunch of objects maybe you can still pull it off in high resolution, then maybe do a Indie GoGo to continue development, which tend to fail for games by the way. Even crowd founding for professional projects fail, people are not that keen on them because they have hundreds of titles to choose from.

For me i can think this tutorial is one of the pit falls of the tutorials, to much complexity to little objectivity, The guy have a lot of experience if one or two of the variables chance he is on top of things on the spot. If the same happen to you what do i do now Kind of thing?!

Posted it to show that small and objective tutorials are by far much better then a extensive tutorial that is extremely hard to follow because you do not have the same experience was the person was. And probably your knowledge is to little to start with. On top of that using Cycles which is not that good for games for what I'm aware off. If you have nothing better to do and boring to read, need to receive a bit of knowledge in Blender. In general and not so much on the tutorial pay attention to Blender mechanics and leave the tutorial for second point. Then you can learn something to use on tweaking your 3D models for your game.


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