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How to unlock every Newgrounds Medal in Pound the Puss!

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Pound the Puss

Medal Guide

Here is a list of every medal in the game, and how to obtain it.

The following medals happen for reaching certain milestones in the game, and will be unlocked automatically throughout normal play. If you need help with them, consult the Walkthrough.

Medal   Puss Pounder

(5) Puss Pounder:

Complete the tutorial

Medal   Clucking on the First Da

(25) Clucking on the First Date:

Get Shuttlecock and Rita to hook up

Medal   Pricy Puss

(25) Pricy Puss:

Collect $1.01

Medal   Disco Inferno

(25) Disco Inferno:

Burn a baby chick to death

Medal   Puss Pounded

(100) Pound Around:

Beat the game

These next medals are not automatic, and may require you to do a second playthrough if you've beaten the game already.

Medal   Curiosity Killed the Pus

(10) Curiosity Killed the Puss:

Try to go back into your mom's room right away

(If you leave the Hallway without trying to re-enter Mom's Room, you'll miss your chance at this medal on this save file.)

Medal   Eat Your Heart Out

(10) Eat Your Heart Out:

Try to feed Miranda the Pig her own ribs

(Cooked or uncooked, use the ribs on the severed head of Miranda the Pig. If you've already fed the ribs to Shuttlecock, you've missed your chance at this medal on this save file.)

Medal   Money Talks

(10) Money Talks:

Try to bribe Al the bouncer before getting into Crusty's Pub

(Try to bribe Al with any amount of cash. If you've already gotten into Crusty's Pub, you've missed your chance at this medal on this save file.)

Medal   What is this the 50s

(10) What is this, the 50's?:

Try to make your sister use the frying pan

(At any point in the game, give Pump the frying pan.)

Medal   Lightspeed Puss

(10) Lightspeed Puss:

Fast-travel from one end of the map to the other

(To be specific, warp using the minimap from the Hallway to the Nesting Area, or vice-versa.)

Medal   What a Drag

(10) What a Drag:

Learn a thing or two about stereotypes

(To get this one, you just have to keep talking to Pick 'n' Choose, who will go on a rant about stereotypes and being offended.)

Medal   Du Fromage

(10) Du Fromage?:

Ask for a hint about the omelette

(During the brief period between getting the omelette and beating the game, use the Item Hint function to get a useless clue about the omelette.)

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