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Player's Guide for "The Cursed Knight" custom story.

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*** Spoiler alert ***

Chapter I [Start]

The game begins by awakening your character from a horrible dream. You start in a locked room. The key is hidden in the closet. Unlock the door. Enter the great hall. Go up the stairs to the archive where is hidden a key at the top of the shelf by the burning candle. Go back to the great hall and find the door to the warehouse. Unlock the door. At the right side of the storage is burning torch and a hole with missing lever. Go to the left side of the storage and find the small lever located in the left corner. Insert the lever into the hole and pull it. Then go to the kitchen and find the key on the table. Now enter the archive chamber. Unlock the library door and enter.

Chapter II [Library]

Enter the next chamber. There is a locked door in front of you. There is a cupboard on the left side. Move it and find the button to unlock the door. Enter the next chamber. Find a saw and break the window. Go through the window and jump to the other side until you reach the barricaded window. Destroy barricades using a saw. Enter the room, find and read the letter. Check all pictures in the room and find the key behind one of them. Return back to the room where you have found the button (one you used to unlock the first door). Use the stairs in the room and reach the door to the library. Use the key to unlock them and enter. You will see lights and a cupboard on your left hand side. There is a lamp in the cupboard. There is a ladder next to the cupboard. Grab the ladder and find the door on the ceiling. Use a ladder to climb up. Find a note which will tell you how to open the secret way out of the castle. You have to find and pull four same books on the bookshelves. There is an example of the book right next to the note. Go back to the library and search for books. After all the books are pulled out find a lever on the end of the library. Return to the room where you have found a saw. Look for a big cupboard and move it away (it is not stuck anymore). There is a secret passage behind it. Follow the tunnel until you reach another barricade. Use the saw again. You will find a locked door. Find a rusty key in hole on the wall. Unlock the door and enter.

Chapter III [Crypt]

Go through the corridor and to the right. You will see a room with an opened door on the left side. Enter that room and find the key in the broken drawer. Return back through the corridor. There is a locked door on your right hand side. Unlock it with the key you found and enter the room. You will find two kinds of hammer in this room. Take a small one (it will appear in your inventory). There is a pile of boxes in the same room. Remove those boxes to find a hidden door. Take the big hammer and go through the door down to the prison. Find the first prisoner and hit him with the hammer (this one is chained and not hostile). Kill other prisoners the same way. Go through the rooms until you reach the locked door. Use your hammer to get through. Enter the last room. There is a half transformed prisoner on the table. There is also a metal cow in the room. You need to set fire under it and open the door on it’s side. You will find a dagger inside of the cow. Take it and finish the half transformed prisoner with it. Return to the corridor where you have started. Continue through the corridor until you reach the barricade. Destroy it using a small hammer from your inventory. Enter the alchemy laboratory. Find a chipper on one of the top shelves. Take it and combine it with the hammer in your inventory. There is a door with a big lock in the same room. Break the lock using a hammer with a chipper. Enter and find the key which is located in the showcase under the glass. Return to the alchemy lab and search for the little locked box on the table. Unlock it with the key you found and take acid mixture out of it after that fine empty container and burner. Place the container under the burner and acid on the top of it. Use the tap to activate the burner and wait for acid to be poured into the container. Take the container with acid and go to the other part of this room. There is a hole in the wall behind a big container. It is covered in slime. Use the acid to remove slime and go through the hole. Explore the next room, especially the altair. The door leading to the bridge will open in a second. Cross the bridge and enter the forest.

Chapter IV [Forest]

Follow the walk until you reach a signpost. It will guide your way through the village (showing the way to different houses). Take left and reach the warehouse (large building). Find a crate or barrel to help you reach the entrance. Go inside [WAREHOUSE PART].

Return to the signpost. And go to the abandoned house. The door of the house is locked. Use a crowbar to open it and enter. There is a barricade under the stairs (you need to destroy it). Find a barrel and collect the liquid from it. To do so use an empty container from your inventory. Return to the barricade and place explosive mixture there. After the explosion enter and search for the key on the end of the room. Take the key and return to the barrel with explosive mixture. There is a locked door close to it. Use the key to open it and enter. Follow candles. Use crates or barrels to reach higher positions. Follow the upper part and jump down on the end. There is a note on the wall. Read it. Follow green lights to find chests. There is a key in one of them. Take the key and use it to unlock the door leading outside of the labyrinth. Go outside and find a chef's house. It is next to the warehouse. Use the key to unlock the door and enter [HOUSE PART].

Get to the temple. You can see it’s windows and lights. If you are not sure, return back to signpost.

Chapter IV [Warehouse]

You are on the top floor of the warehouse. There is a hidden rope in the wardrobe. Take it and find a large trap door. Tie the rope to it. There is a tap close to the door (wheel which will help you to lift the door) find it and use it. Go downstairs and find a crowbar. Take it and leave the warehouse.

Chapter IV [House]

Follow the corridor and enter the room with shelves. There is a lever under the carpet. Uncover it and pull it. It will reveal a hidden path to the dungeon. Continue straight until you reach a barricade. Use a hammer to break it. Enter the room. There is a button hidden in a fireplace. Press it, run back and turn left next to the first fireplace. Run fast as you can because you need to run through the closing door (repeat on failure). You are now in the great hall with the floor covered in water. Find stairs in the far right corner. Follow the path to the smaller room. There is a locked door and hidden key in this room. Key is located in the closet under the shirt. Key is too rusty to open the door. Return back to the great hall and look for another smaller room. You will container with acid there. Take a key from your inventory and clean it with acid. Return to the locked door and use a clean key to open it. Enter and walk the stairs. Reach the room with a red light. There is a bed in the left corner which you can use to recover your health and stamina. Find and use a ceremonial dagger located on the right side of the room. You will faint for a while. Right after you will need to hide in a closet (the knight will turn its gaze to the closet, rush to it and hide inside). Once you are hidden an angel will whisper to you and ask you to fight the chef. You will appear back in a closet after the dream. Get out, take your hammer and fight the chef (the same way as you fought prisoners). After you kill him follow the corridor which will take you back to the room with shelves (One where you entered this dungeon). Go back to the forest.

Chapter V [Temple]

There is a statue of an angel right in front of you. Come closer. Go to the door on your left hand side and enter the room after the conversation with an angel. There is a mechanism with four levers on the end of the room. There is a manual/help located in a display case (right from the mechanism) which will help you. Break the display case and take it. Your character will help you with passing time and will give you hints. Complete the puzzle and enter the hidden room. You will see the pedestal right after you enter the room. There is one part of the orb on the tables around. Take it and place it on the pedestal. Corruption will get weaker. Return to the previous room and find the door blocked with corruption. Destroy it and enter the next room. There is another piece of the orb located in a wardrobe. Take it and place it on the pedestal. Return to the main hall (one with an angel statue). Go to the door on the right hand side from the statue. Destroy the corruption and enter. Go straight until you reach the room with a display case which contains a key. Break it and take the key. Return to the previous room and find the second door. You will see small library shelves. There is a button hidden behind the bible. Push the button. One part of the library will unstuck and you can push it to find a hidden passage. Look for the clipboard. There is a note which will give you instructions about strange runes. There is also a button behind the small painting which will unstuck another part of the library. Enter another hidden passage. Look for a small locked door located on the shelves. Use a key from the display case (you should have it in your inventory). You will see a wheel/tap after you open the small door. Use it to open the heavy door behind you. Enter the next room. Search for a letter from the secretary. There is a key in the wardrobe. Find it and use it to open a locked cupboard under the table. There is another part of the orb. Take it and place it on the pedestal. Return to the right wing of the temple (room where you found a key in the display case). Destroy another corruption. Enter the room and carefully watch every step you take. There are runes on the ground (follow instructions to avoid death). Find another wheel/tap. Use it to open the door. Enter and take another piece of the orb. Stay in the left wing. Get outside of the hideout and turn left. Destroy corruption and walk the stairs. You should see the great gate blocked with corruption. It leads to the heart of the temple. Look for the room filled with water on the other side. Search through the rooms until you find another part of the orb. Take it. Door behind you will close. Other two doors will open. There is a lever in both of them. You need to pull both of them to unblock the door you used to enter before. Enter and turn right. There is another big room behind the next door. Find another wheel/tap and use it to open a door leading out from the room filled with water. Place part of the orb on the pedestal. Go to the right wing of the temple where the runes are. Break through the corruption and search for the enter to the next room. You will find the last part of the orb easily. Take it. You will hear noise. Stairs which you walked to enter will collapse. Look for another door leading to the room filled with corruption tumors. There is a key in the left corner (close to the pile of bodies). Take it and use it to unlock the door in the same room. There is a primitive projector in the room. Use tinderbox to light it up. If you don't have one you can find few in this room. You need to find a film which you will place in the projector. It is located in the lower part of the furniture in the same room. You will see an item you can use as a lever after you place the film. Take it and return to the collapsed staircase. Look for a bridge. There is a place with a missing lever next to it. Place the item you found and pull it. You will lower the bridge and then you shall return to the left wing of the temple and place the last piece of the orb on the pedestal. Hidden room will open after the orb is complete. Enter and find the holy root. Take it and use it to activate the orb. Orb will start to shine and the angel will talk to you. Go to the large gate leading to the heart of the temple.

Chapter VI [End]

Continue through the room. Follow the lights. There is a heavy door in front of you. Use the wheel to open it (it is located next to it). Close the door behind you with a lever which is also next to the door. Take an orb and put it on the pedestal in the room. It will destroy corruption and will open other paths. In this case you can choose which will be the first (it does not matter). ****If you take a left path you will see a glowing blue fire. Be careful it will harm you on contact. You have to wait for it to fade and then enter. You have to follow this path checking if the fire is fading and also be quick enough to not be burned because fire will light up again. Sooner or later you will find another pedestal. Take your orb and place it on the top of the pedestal again. Corruption will disappear once more. Continue through the newly found way with fire and return to the room with the first pedestal. ****If you take a path on the right you will have to continue until you find a bridge which needs to be lowered. Find a lever and pull it. Get back and reach the door before closing. Find a stone and throw it on the bridge (if you miss it just repeat the process). Continue with other jumping challenges with levers until you reach the next pedestal waiting for an orb to be placed. Corruption will be destroyed. Now get back. Lever will break on use. Find a hole in the wall and break through with a hammer (it is located in the same room). Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of this lovely maze on the way out. It will lead you to a room with the first pedestal. Walk the stairs and place orb on the great pedestal. Corruption will disappear and an angel will start a conversation. Cursed knight will follow you to the room. Take the hammer given by an angel and fight. After a while you will find out that he cannot be killed this way so find the door infected with corruption and break through with your hammer. Enter the room and take your hammer with you. Wait for the cursed knight to get inside. Once he is in the same room take your hammer and hit the floor with force. Floor will collapse and it will be the end of your gameplay.

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