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Learn how to make your own 360 degree panoramic skydome!

Posted by on - Advanced Textures

Today we learn SkyDomes! They are completely different than a SkyBox so don't get confused. There are two types in the NeoAxis engine the first is very simple 2D based that will tile an image(s) of your choosing over a SkyDome.

The second is much more complicated, but provides different results and allows for full 360 degree panoramic photos and art to be used instead of a single tile-able image.

In this three part video you will learn the following:

  • Create a 360 Degree Panoramic Photo from 6 SkyBox images.
  • Use Gimp to properly edit TIFF file of combined 6 images, convert to DDS.
  • Create cloud layers for non-panoramic SkyDome using random fractal noise generators and simple tricks to make nice looking skies.
  • Create self-sustaining conversation workflow for creating 360 degree panoramic skydomes using TerraGen and simple script.

Software Used

The Gimp:


PanoStitch Cube2Sphere Script:

Video Link(s)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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