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This guide is to be used to understand how to host a server for this module. Read carefully and you'll understand.

Posted by on - Intermediate Server Tools

Hello fellow reader,

This is a comprehension guide on how to host a server. I will go through all relevant information to host a server for this module. This guide is only useful if you either already understand how to host a server or if you want to play this module on your own when pressing the Host a Server button (which I wouldn't recommend cause there are some weird minor host-a-server-only bugs)

First, let me introduce you to all the settings for the configuration file for hosting a server.

fac_austria - World War 2 Germany and Japan
fac_prussia - The Undead (Basic Modern Zombies)
fac_british - CSGO: Terrorists
fac_french - CSGO: Counter-Terrorists
fac_russia - World War 2 Allies (USA, Russia and British)
fac_survivors Modern Survivors (Citizen, Police and Special Forces, Militaries around the world and misc Units)
fac_resident_evil Resident Evil (RPD, BSAA and Umbrella Units including the infamous Hunk)
fac_nazizombies Call of Duty World At War / Black Ops Nazi Zombies

mp_ambush Valley of the Dead
mp_arabian_village Area 59
mp_arabian_village_conq Resident Evil: Police Barricade (Night)
mp_beach_morning The Underground
mp_citadelle_napoleon_morning Villa of the Dead
mp_columbia_hill_farm Project-Z USA
mp_dust Dust 2
mp_french_farm Nacht der Untoten
mp_german_village Der Riese (Improvised)
mp_hougoumont Town of the Dead
mp_hougoumont_night Town of the Dead (Night)
mp_hungarian_plains Z - City (Outbreak)
mp_hungarian_plains_cloud Z - City (Clean)
mp_la_haye_sainte The Last Stand (Day)
mp_la_haye_sainte The Last Stand (Night)
mp_landshut Land of the Dead (Day)
mp_landshut_night Land_of_the_Dead (Night)
mp_quatre_bras Trenches of the dead
mp_quatre_bras_night Zombie Troopers - Outpost

multiplayer_sg Survival
multiplayer_bomb CSGO Bomb Defusal Gamemode

Looking at this information we have much to work with.
HOWEVER consider this:

First, the CSGO Factions are absolutely unbalanced when put against other factions than themselves. They have higher health, MUCH MORE Speed, Better Melee Stats AND they have access to high-tier weapons like the AWP or Automatic Snipers which I personally consider overpowered due to the low punishment of walking around with big guns. (Something I fixed in the last source revision but it will never see any daylight)

Second, you CAN use all the other gamemodes like TDM, Battle etc. but bear in mind that this is somewhat unfair to be balanced unless you do specific rules on PVP.

Third, the map "Dust 2" is intended to be used with the Bomb gamemode or literally any gomemode other than "Survival" doing so would work but you would have no access to extra ammo or healing. Also the "Bomb Defusal" Gamemode ONLY works with the "Dust 2" map!!!

Alright let's explain the Ingame Settings:

Enable Wandering Zombies around - Yes/No
This setting makes zombies only attack nearby players and make them randomly walk around the map. Some maps have an automatic switch coded so they apply it there. You can still manually turn it on/off on any other map and it will have similar effects. If the map has been wired then it will also use specific laid out zombie spawns all around the map to fill the emptiness.
WARNING! - VERY CPU INTENSIVE only use this 6+ Core servers.

Enable Advanced Bots
Only use this for Bots that you put on your own Team or if you randomly decide to put bots in enemy team. This will make the AI take cover and spots on various locations around the map and make them slightly randomly navigate around the map rather than straight running into the enemy.
Also very CPU Intensive but not so noticeable if you use the Bots in Combat against each other

Set used Zombie Types
Here you can set whether you want only slow-zombies fast-zombies or all of them in one. Be mindful that slow-zombies only will automatically cancel out special zombies

Enables Zombie Players
This option lets players join the 2nd Team in the Gamemode Survival

Only Survivors?
Works only on the survivors faction. This basically blocks every class but the first one. Useful for Survival-Maps with wandering zombies where you can loot stuff.

Enable Zombie Infection
Self-Explanatory. Disabling this will make zombies deal way more damage than before as an equalizer for not being able to sneakily kill you.

Enable First-Person Only
Also Self-Explanatory. Forces everyone to be stuck in first-person. Very useful for PVP to encourage peeking rather than looking over walls.

Enable Zombie-Scaling
This will make Zombies' health scale with the amount of players. Percentage below to set the scaling factor per player. Works at 2+ Players

Disable Special Zombies
No Spitters and Hunters amongst the hordes of Undead.

Disable Boss Zombies
No Nemesis or Doctor of the Dead amongst the hordes of Undead.

Enable Hardcore Mode
Reduces Speed by about 25% of all players, Makes Zombies only take damage from Headshots, Increases Zombies Health by another 30%, Increases Gun Inaccuracy

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