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Post tutorial RSS [Beginner-Tutorial] Export Free Characters and Animations from Mixamo to Unity

Learn how to properly export characters and animations from Adobe's free Mixamo platform and import them to Unity 3D. You'll also learn some beginner-friendly animation knowledge!

Posted by on - Basic Animation

Hello everyone!

This video explains Adobe Mixamo's export options and how to import them into Unity. The video breaks down the export options including: key-frame reduction, frames-per-second, file type and skin. And has an "explain to me like I'm 5" explanation of interpolation.

I recently started a youtube channel during quarantine dedicated to Game Development. This is the first video in a beginner-friendly series dedicated to breaking down Unity's animation system.

As someone who found animation to be a foreign concept and unable to find any beginner tutorials that answered the questions I had, I decided to do the research myself.

I hope it helps someone out!



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