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This article contains lists (overview) for ALL solomission skirmisch scenarios for MCG Darkest Hours. Thanks for enjoying my remastered MechCommander stuff! Greets RizZ

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MCG Darkest Hours all Solomissions

MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours
Solomission "Skirmish" scenarios

Hello MechCommanders,

in the last days i received some complaints about the "presentation" of MechCommander content. I would like to remind you that my work is for free. I don't do it for any company - neither i'm getting paid for anything i publish. Although i would like to remind you, that all the MechCommander content that got released here on modDB during the last month - in the first place just was a rudimentary recreation of ealier existing NoGutsNoGalaxy hosted web content. Although i would like to remind you, that i have no artist work group or any professional programer team in background to do things - i'm a one man show. Of course i have to admit that some articles have a really bad language and are full mistakes in written form. But that results on the fact that most of the information and content is written by different persons with different nationalities - all in english. The next thing that comes in place is the pure mass of information and the connected canon lore - that brings MechCommander with itself. I can understand that - when you visit my profile and discover the MC stuff for the first time - you may see not the single thing you are searching for on the first view - but - when you start routing through this content you most certainly will find an answer for any question you may have. Especially when you find and use the "overview" pages and link collections for my guides. All of this is still under construction and many things will get overhauled - so i please you to have patience - and when you have a certain question - never mind to leave a comment on a relating article. Together we can make the presentation greater - and not looking like made by a chimp on steroids.

Back to topic: After my focus went back to MechCommander i decided to continue my modwork way further. Summed up the Darkest Hours standalone is finished. The original and expansion campaign merges work smooth and better than any original version built. With version 4.2 i released it's final update. This update includes more optional solo-missions and offers technical compatibility to the last official solomission release for Darkest Hours - containing about ~160 additional scenarios that where originally content of MSZone wayback when gameservers where online. In addition the basic Darkest Hours built contains already Skirmish versions of ALL existing campaign missions. What actually blew up the origin solo-mission count from 3 total solomissions to 134. But this still wasnt all. Darkest Hours although includes never officially released single player campaigns made by customers. The 2nd Refusal War, The Offense, Yankee Company & MechWarrior campaigns are available as solomissions for Darkest Hours users. Just "choose" solomission game mode and explore way more missions ... - the following information are just lists containing the total mission numbers and names and how they are divided / splitted:

Solomissions from Vanilla version

Original campaign missions:

  1. RizZ0100
  2. RizZ0102
  3. RizZ0103
  4. RizZ0104
  5. RizZ0105
  6. RizZ0106
  7. RizZ0201
  8. RizZ0202
  9. RizZ0203
  10. RizZ0204
  11. RizZ0205
  12. RizZ0206
  13. RizZ0301
  14. RizZ0302
  15. RizZ0303
  16. RizZ0304
  17. RizZ0305
  18. RizZ0306
  19. RizZ0401
  20. RizZ0402
  21. RizZ0403
  22. RizZ0404
  23. RizZ0405
  24. RizZ0406
  25. RizZ0501
  26. RizZ0502
  27. RizZ0503
  28. RizZ0504
  29. RizZ0505
  30. RizZ0506

Expansion campaign missions:

  1. XRiz0101
  2. XRiz0102
  3. XRiz0103
  4. XRiz0104
  5. XRiz0201
  6. XRiz0202
  7. XRiz0203
  8. XRiz0204
  9. XRiz0301
  10. XRiz0302
  11. XRiz0303
  12. XRiz0304

Vanilla solo-missions:


45 Vanilla Skirmish scenarios total

For me as player & teenager - the game had not enough missions to play. But the game was good at all. I loved it! - I played it! - I came back to it multiple times. You would like to play and enjoy the original game with it's missions above? No problem!

  1. Download the Original MCGold.iso
  2. Download the Original Pre-installed game folder (& optional High Resolution exe files)
  3. Extract the folder to your game folders and start game from there while *.iso is mounted. You can although use the original CD - of course.

Keep in mind that physicallly the game can't be installed on newer systems (64bit and above) - but it can be played. For more information have a look into my game guides & install instructions - and keep my resolution notices in mind. Further instructions you'll find when you follow the links above / below.

Solomissions from
customer standalone versions

Original Xenocide campaign:

  1. OP1MIS1
  2. OP1MIS2
  3. OP1MIS3
  4. OP1MIS4
  5. OP2MIS1
  6. OP2MIS2
  7. OP2MIS3
  8. OP2MIS4
  9. OP3MIS1
  10. OP3MIS2
  11. OP3MIS3
  13. OP3MIS4
  14. OP4MIS1
  15. OP4MIS2
  16. OP4MIS2a
  17. OP4MIS3
  18. OP4MIS5
  19. OP4MIS6

Expansion Bengal Lancers campaign:

  1. blop1m1a
  2. blop1m2a
  3. blop1m3a
  4. blop2m1a
  5. blop2m2
  6. blop2m3a
  7. blop2m4a
  8. blop3m1a
  9. blop3m2a
  10. blop3m3
  11. blop3m4
  12. blop3m5

Original X-Ray campaign:

  1. Paranoia4U
  2. Graduat3
  3. Nile_v6
  4. O5M4v6
  5. op2m3v5
  6. Op3M1V5
  7. Op5M3V7
  8. x2_4_F
  9. x2_5_F
  10. x4_2_F
  11. x5_1_F1
  12. XRayO1M1
  13. XrayO1M2
  14. XRayO1M5
  15. XRAYO3M5v1
  16. XRAYO4M1v2
  18. XRAYop4mis3V2a
  19. XRAYOp4Mis4V2
  20. X_1_3_F
  21. X_1_4_v4
  22. x_1_6_F
  23. X_3_2_F
  24. X_5_2_F2

Expansion DSC Raid:

  1. zzDSCCorzinwa1
  2. zzDSCCorzinwa2a
  3. zzDSCLeyland1
  4. zzDSCLeyland2
  5. zzDSCLeyland3

Original Exodus campaign:

  1. 2_2_v1
  2. 2_2_vpi
  3. Exo1_8b
  4. Exo_N1
  5. Exo_N2
  6. Exo_N3
  7. Exo_N4
  8. Exo_N5
  9. E_1_0
  10. E_1_1
  11. E_1_10a
  12. E_1_11
  13. E_1_3
  14. E_1_4
  15. E_1_5
  16. E_1_6
  17. E_1_7
  18. E_1_9

Expansion Turncoat campaign:

  1. TC0101
  2. TC0102
  3. TC0103
  4. TC0104
  5. TC0201
  6. TC0202
  7. TC0203
  8. TC0204
  9. TC0301
  10. TC0302
  11. TC0303
  12. TC0304

89 Customermade Skirmish scenarios total
+1 X-Ray that malfunctions

The usermade customer campaign standalones, created 2002 by modders and released as fullversion by magicX 2006 where a good extension to the actual final mission count of MechCommander. Those campaigns had just the problem that they where unfinished released. Xenocide and Exodus where the most stable - but X-Ray wasn't even technically finishable. There are several missions causing serious conflicts with the game engine. Some cause they are too overloaded with objects and overlays - others cause the AI and objectives aren't working without trouble. Many bugs in the code and a broken salvage system made X-Ray the worst version. I think i could solve most of the bugs - and released reloaded versions with many bugfixes and updatet resolution choices. I extended the three standalone builts with a russian demo mod version called "TheRepulse" - containing additional eight "tutorial" missions. The Repulse solomission list you'll find below.

You would like to play the four customermade standalone campaign builts? No problem - you just need to...

  1. Download the original MCGold.iso
  2. Download one of the three pre-installed usermade campaign folders (overview) & start game from there while *.iso is mounted. You can although use the original CD - of course.

Keep in mind that physicallly the game can't be installed on newer systems (64bit and above) - but it can be played. For more information have a look into my game guides & install instructions - and keep my resolution notices in mind. Further instructions you'll find when you follow the links above / below.

Un-Official Solomissions

never released user campaigns / tutorial missions by MC modders

The Repulse - Short russian mod campaign demo built:

  1. Mission 1
  2. Mission 2
  3. Mission 3
  4. Mission 4
  5. Mission 5
  6. Mission 6
  7. Mission 7
  8. Mission 8

2nd Refusal War - Short campaign:

  1. 2nd_Refusal_War-P_01
  2. 2nd_Refusal_War-P_02
  3. 2nd_Refusal_War-P_03
  4. 2nd_Refusal_War-P_04
  5. 2nd_Refusal_War-P_05
  6. 2nd_Refusal_War-P_06
  7. 2nd_Refusal_War-P_07
  8. 2nd_Refusal_War-P_08
  9. 2nd_Refusal_War-P_09
  10. 2nd_Refusal_War-P_10
  11. 2nd_Refusal_War-P_11
  12. 2nd_Refusal_War-P_12

The offense - short campaign:

  1. 1Drop
  2. 2Regroup
  3. 3Factory
  4. 4BigGuns
  5. 5Spaceport
  6. 6Infotake
  7. 7Defend
  8. 8Cleanup
  9. 9Final

The MechWarrior campaign:

  1. MW3_1_1
  2. MW3_1_2
  3. MW_11_v1
  4. MW_12_v1
  5. MW_13_v1
  6. MW_14_v1
  7. MW_21_v1
  8. MW_22_v1
  9. MW_23_v1
  10. MW_24_v1
  11. MW_31_v1
  12. MW_32_v1
  13. MW_33_v1
  14. MW_34_v1
  15. MW_35_v1
  16. MW_41_v1
  17. MW_42_v1
  18. MW_43_v1
  19. MW_44_v1
  20. MW_45_v1
  21. MW_46_v1

Yankee Company short campaign:

  1. yankee11
  2. yankee13b
  3. yankee14a
  4. yankee15
  5. yankee16
  6. yankee21
  7. yankee22
  8. yankee23

Rare solomissions by RustyDios:

  1. Island
  2. MtSteal
  3. Recruits

61 Skirmish scenarios by MC modders total

Those solomissions are available as solo-missions in skirmish mode only. They where never released as campaigns. So they are - right now only existing as single missions for solomission feature. I hope you enjoy those missions in spite of that at all. Some of them may not work or have some corrupted file content inside. I will have a further look on this later on by a long term run.

Those missions are basic content from MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v4.0 & above. These missions are for Darkest Hours versions only. They will not work with the original version cause they contain modded content that is not compatible with the basic game file structure anymore. Without the SOL-Pack 3 content below MechCommander Gold Darkest Hours v4.2 contains 195 different solo mission scenarios to choose from in skirmish single player solomission game mode feature.

You would like to play MCG Darkest Hours? No problem, you just need to...

  1. Download MCG Darkest Hours Fullversion (Freeware since 2006).
  2. Mount the *.iso inside the game folder and start game from folder by executing it on the resolution you desire.

RizZ note: Darkest Hours users have the comfort of an including MCGold.iso. So when you play my remastered Darkest Hours version - you don't need to download the MCGold.iso seperately. Just download the free fullversion final - extract it & enjoy playing through. The including *.iso is the original one - so it is compatible to all versions above and can be used for all pre-installed standalone folders that are listed above. See here for more information:

Solomissions from
MSZone / Sarna.net

Dropship Command Missions:

Dropship command - old mission database:

  1. airport
  2. airport2
  3. airport3
  4. airstrik
  5. Alamo
  6. alphbrav
  7. assault
  8. atstand
  9. avengera
  10. avengrb
  11. Back-to-the-Front
  12. barmcost
  13. Base Liberation
  14. basehill
  15. bayraid2
  16. bgoceans
  17. blines
  18. briar
  20. Canyon
  21. castle
  22. Cerm1
  23. CermDemo
  24. ChkPt4c
  25. citadel
  26. clanjam
  27. cloakdag
  28. cluster
  29. CommanV2
  30. Comm_Interrupt
  31. Convoy (corrupted files)
  32. Counterstrike
  33. ctyscape
  34. CuttingTeeth
  35. C_S_FoolsGoal
  36. DeathSpiral
  37. deepreco
  38. Defense (corrupted files)
  39. Deserter
  40. DominoZ
  41. dt2
  42. elhscout
  43. engage
  44. escape01
  45. Explorer
  46. farm
  47. fi_or_fl
  48. Gettysburg
  49. gratos2
  50. GreatWall
  51. hanoi
  52. helm
  53. highway
  54. hitnrun
  55. hydro
  56. Industrial Strike
  57. ironfist
  58. Island
  59. Isleroad
  60. jfbase
  61. jfv1p1
  62. jf_cw07 (corrupted files)
  63. jjbreak
  64. kaifeng
  65. kapela3
  66. kappa
  67. keifeng
  68. LastStand
  69. LLD
  70. LoneWolf
  71. Maginot Line
  72. MazeMadness
  73. MC2Demo_V1
  74. mountain guns
  75. Nova Strike
  76. Op_Excalibur_p1
  77. outpst23
  78. PA-1-1
  79. PA0102
  80. PA_S_Rodan
  81. PirateA
  82. Politics
  83. PortDefense
  84. Premiss
  85. Prowl
  86. P_S_BANAWE_v1
  87. RabdWlfs
  88. Raid
  89. Recruits
  90. RedDawn
  91. Reinforcements
  92. Research
  93. ReTakeV2
  94. Retribution
  95. River Canyon
  96. River
  97. RockyBay
  98. Sal1
  99. SaveMitch
  100. ShoalM1
  101. ShoalM2
  102. ShoalM3
  103. Siagon
  104. SierraSprawl
  105. skovold
  106. SL_Depot_v3
  107. snafuv2
  108. SpyHunt
  109. Strike on Ueda
  110. Striker2
  111. subdivde
  112. Surgical
  113. Swot
  114. Tankers
  115. test4
  116. The Rock Part Two
  117. TheCanal
  118. TheDamn
  119. TheHunt
  120. ThePass
  121. TheRock1
  122. TheWait
  123. TheWall
  124. TimberRaid
  125. Traitor
  126. TrakoV6
  127. TrialV2
  128. T_S_ISTukDef_v1
  129. valley2
  130. Vega121
  131. Vega121_s
  132. WildSide
  133. WorkRevg
  134. Wretch

134 Dropship command skirmish scenarios total

Those solomissions got released wayback when Microsoft had it's MSZone servers still online. After MSZone was put down for MechCommander the files where archived by Sarna.net. I found the files on sarna and downloaded them. The problem was that several files on sarna got corrupted (maybe by a defragmantation process over the years) - but i remastered and recompiled what i found and could use - and made an optional solomission package of it. This is the third solomission package i released. The previous two solomission packs went into Darkest Hours standalone as solomissions only. This pack is so huge that i decided to make it optional. Another reason for making it optional is that i never tested all missions and can not guarantee that ALL missions will work. Some may crash when you enter them. I found some that are not working and marked them on the lists above. Those solomissions contain scenarios that where very famous wayback in the online MechCommander community. The map "death-spiral" for example i remember is one of the most epic assault maps i have ever played. Enjoy discovering this "Darkest Hours" compiled exclusive solomission content. It guarantees hundeds of hours additional playing fun time. And when i will ever finish my next standalone - some of those missions will be familiar to you then.

You would like to play those solomissions? - You can download and complicated install the original versions from sarna net on a naked basic vanilla folder - or simply download my remastered MechCommander Gold Darkest Hours fullversion and update it with the MCG-DH Sol-Pack-3 Update. Update / install instructions are in the file (RizZme.txt).

Thanks for enjoying my MechCommander content. It's a pleasure to entertain you.

Solomission total count

So we have...

  • _45 Original missions
  • +89 Customer missions
  • +61 missions by MC modders
  • +134 Dropship command missions from MSZone

... 329 solomission scenarios total!

So MechCommander Gold Darkest Hours v4.2 with optional Sol-Pack3 offers more than 320 solomission skirmish scenarios to play. With it's basic campaign merges the whole single player content blows up to 450 single scenarios that can be played in 2 game types - solomissions and single-player campaign mode.

MCG Darkest Hours - Solomission Pack 3

(c) by RizZen (2017-2020)

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