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World of Padman provides an internal music player! In this tutorial I would like to show you how you can add your own songs as a music pack.

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0. Introduction

In this tutorial I would like to show you how you can add your own songs as a music pack into World of Padman standalone game. You have to know that World of Padman provides an internal music player, so if you are a music artist or if you have a band the team behind WoP would be excited to see some new custom music packs popping up for World of Padman. It's really easy. WoP can handle up to 10 music packs with 15 songs each at maximum.

1. Preparing tracks

OK, you have a bunch of your favourite tracks to add to a music pack and it's not in violation of others intellectual property. You can add up to 15 tracks at maximum. We usually use 9 tracks for each pack, so there is no need to provide 15 tracks. Make sure that all of the tracks are at the same volume. If they differ too much it can be really annoying. Also the length of the tracks shouldn't exceed five minutes. It's not a problem if they do, but they won't come to an end before the map changes.

2. Format and converting

For the internal player we use OGG Vorbis audio format with a variable bit rate at quality setting 4. This indicates a nominal bit rate of 128kbps. Sample format should be 44100Hz, 16-Bit, Stereo. If you want to convert your original WAV files into OGG format, there is a helpful tool called oggdropXPd out there. You can find it in the Vorbis.com 3rd Party Software list.

3. Naming and sorting

OK, first step. Create the following folder structure somewhere and copy all your prepared OGG files into that folder.


'mymusicpack' is just a place holder, please replace it with the unique title of your music pack (or band). Now it's time to bring tracks into the right order. Write numbers '01_' upto '15_' in front of the file names. The id-Tech3 engine doesn't like some special characters so keep names simple, for example:

01_this is a soundtrack.ogg
02_make it better.ogg
15_the end is here.ogg

The title of a song will always be shown automatically in small characters in game without the number and without the suffix (e.g. '15_the end is here.ogg' --> 'the end is here').

4. Adding a cover art

To finish the music pack you also need a cover art, download the original cover layout file here. There you find a TGA file in high resolution with an alpha channel included to make the the surrounding of the cover transparent in game. Fill up the white area inside the frame with your custom cover art, but take care over the track list. It will cover most of the left part of the picture in dependency of the length of the track names. Track names are always shown in white, so don't use bright colours in the background of this area.

Green Sun cover in game.
figure 1: Green Sun cover in game

After your artwork is final you have to re-size it to 1024x512 (72dpi) and don't forget to save it with the included alpha channel (in red in figure 2). It looks a bit weird now but in game it'll shown correctly. Rename your cover art to 'bg.TGA' and store it into your music pack folder where your tracks are located.

Green Sun cover in game.
figure 2:
Green Sun cover saved as "bg.tga"

5. Making a PK3

If your songs and the cover art are final, it's time to build the PK3. To-do so, just go to 'C:\' and make a ZIP archive out of the 'wopmusic' folder (should be 'wopmusic.zip' then). Choose the highest compression level available and make sure that the sub-folder and all files are included correctly. Now rename it to 'wop_mymusicpack.pk3'. Copy your music pack into the wop sub-directory, where all the other PK3 files are located. Start the game and enjoy your music.

6. Some final hints

Before releasing your new music pack you should make a full test of your music while playing the game. Check for any errors and if the tracks are listed and named correctly. Pack the PK3 into a ZIP and add a read-me file with important information (author, copyrights, web page, email, ... ).

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