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This tutorial explains how to make standalone games that can run on their own.

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In this tutorial we take a look at the process of how to create a standalone game from your game project.

It's actually very simple; the picture below demonstrates the 3 Steps you need to do.

Creation of a standalone game

So, you just make a new folder, and then copy the "GameEngine" executable and the "gamefiles" folder, and paste them into your new folder. After this you can rename the "GameEngine" executable and the new folder into anything you like.

And that's it.

The basic process is that simple, but there are a few additional things you should be aware of; these are detailed below.



The program assumes that all game projects are located in folders that start with the name "gamefiles". So acceptable project folder names include the plain "gamefiles" and all possible combinations like "gamefiles Super Game", "gamefiles3456", and so on; all names are fine as long as the name starts with the word "gamefiles".

Also starting from version 7.0, both the Editor and the Game Engine handle folders in the same way. Previously the Game Engine could only accept the plain "gamefiles" folder and no combinations, but this is no longer the case...so the warning text in that tutorial picture is no longer totally accurate; you can rename the gamefiles folder, as long as the first word is "gamefiles".


Good Handy Tutorial!

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