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In this tutorial I show how to make an example game in 10 minutes. Video included.

Posted by on - Basic Design/Concepts

Here's a video where I make an example game in 10 minutes with the M484 Game Creation System:

First I made some very simple graphics with Paint; all of the images used are shown in the beginning. And after that I put together a working game prototype in 10 minutes.

The objects that are made here in quick succession are: the Player ship, a player bullet, an enemy alien, an enemy bullet, a "wall piece", and explosions for both the player and the enemy. Then with a few mouse clicks I link them together, and make 2 simple scripts to move things, and after this I make a simple game level, and hit "TEST GAME".

And that's it; the result is a working game prototype.

Pay attention to the "object category" that I choose for each object in the video. The "categories" are "pre-defined" object templates, which mainly affect the "collision checks" in the game. For example, player bullets automatically collide with the enemies, but never with the player. This saves a lot of time because we don't have to worry about setting any "collision conditions", all we have to do is to choose a pre-made "category" and that's it.

Also notice the "wall" that I make in the middle of the video...I define it as a "stop wall", meaning that it'll be a "standard wall" which stops player movement and kills bullets. Again, this is a pre-defined object type, which is intented for making obstacles. No hassle: works perfectly right away.

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