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here is just a list of functions, methods, and macros that you can help

Posted by on - Basic Client Side Coding

-player:gefdef() - give value the defence player
-player:getvalidrecipes(id) - Can I use the recipe id
-player:setCR(int id) - change the player race on id
-player:getslotfull() - gives the id first available empty slot
-player:getslotitem(iditem) - give the id first slot has item idi
-player:getslotitem(iditem,ammout) - give the id first slot has item iditem, where it is not less than 5
-player:clearclothes()- make player nade
-player:tp(x,y) - player teleport to x,y
-player:tp(x) - player teleport to x
-player:killnpc(isMakeZombie) - kill player
-player:AddLog(text) - add achivement text
-player:activespecial(id) - active special clothes

-addCmdLine(text,NameFunc) - created cheat
-addLogConsole(text) - print text in console
-getMaxPoint(x) - the highest point x
-drawText(text,x,y) - DrawText
-getState() - Get Status Game, list status here in example script


-PreDraw () - after the update, and to clear the screen

-Draw() - to render the GUI, well after render games

-PostDraw() - After rendering the game

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